We offer a dêpot-vente service based on a commission on the final sale price and we are also looking for cards to buy in batches! 

We propose to our customers a dêpot-vente service for your collectibles. We are mainly looking for sealed Pokémon products such as displays, boosters, etb or boxes in all languages, as well as Pokémon Cards in all languages. If you think you have any collectibles that might be of interest to us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Each dêpot-vente is governed by a signed contract once the minimum selling price per item has been agreed with the customer. The duration of the contract can vary, but must be at least 3 months. Here are the different points of the contract: 

  • The minimum price agreed at the time of signing the depot-sale contract cannot be modified without the customer's agreement.
  • The commission is based on the final selling price of the item (Example: Selling price of 100€ with a commission of 25% the customer will receive 75€).
  • Payment for items sold will be made between the 10th and 15th of the month following each sale.
  • Japan Collector is fully responsible for your items from the moment they are received. Please contact us to arrange shipment or to hand-deliver your items. We are located in Nancy(54).

The process for entrusting your goods to us is as follows: 

1 - Estimate your cards & your minimum price

We've provided an example of an excel file that you can fill in to make a detailed list of all your cards, filling in all the information we'll need to sell them, such as: name, language, edition, condition, and minimum selling price.

If you are having trouble estimating the price of your cards, read our blog and learn how to estimate the value of your cards based on their condition and the selling price on various websites (Ebay, Cardmarket...).

2. Sort and assemble the cards that might interest us:

We only sell cards with a minimum value of €5. However, if you have common/unco/rare/holo/v/vmax cards that you would like to sell in large quantities, or if you would like to sell your cards quickly, please check our bulk buy-back prices in the BUY-BACK category and/or send us an e-mail regarding the items you would like to sell, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a proposal.

If your collection exceeds a certain amount and you are not comfortable valuing it, please contact us. Our team can come to you to evaluate the possibility of a buy-back and/or a consignment sale by making an estimate that will enable us to obtain the best price for the sale of your collection.
The estimate remains internal to the company, we only give you a buy-back price for the lot without any details, unless the customer wishes a detailed estimate (billed service).

3. Fill in the warehouse-sale excel document

Fill in your details carefully, using the template provided, so that you can check them as quickly as possible and put your cards up for sale in the most efficient way. Once the document has been filled in, you'll receive detailed instructions by e-mail on how to send the items securely.

You'll also receive the depot-sale contract once the items have been received and the contents checked (with video recording), with a link to sign it directly online.

I hope you've understood how the clearance sale process works at Japan! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or doubts about the procedure! 

We buy back a certain number of cards in BULK. 
Don't hesitate to use our online calculator to calculate the redemption price of your bulk pokémon cards.

We also buy back certain lots from customers who are not patient enough to benefit from our commission-based depot-sale service, which is much more advantageous for the customer.

The procedure for this type of buy-back is similar to that for depot-sale. I invite you to send us a list using this excel template as a basis so that we can calculate and estimate the buy-back price of your collection.

We can buy all types of items, from graded cards to sealed FR or JPN items, and offer them to our customers through our online store and the various platforms we usually sell on.

As I said before, we always recommend you to sell your items at a better price. And it's also in our interest to sell your items at a good price to increase our commission! It's a win-win situation 

Don't hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions! 

How to send us your cards 

  • Mondial Relay, our #1 recommendation
  • Fedex with insurance, international and domestic carrier
  • Post or Chronopost with suitable insurance.
  • Hand-delivered in Nancy (54)


The company is only responsible for your consignment once we have received your goods, so it's crucial that you choose the right carrier and insurance for high-value items, or consider hand-delivery straight away! We'll also send your goods back to you with your carrier and insurance conditions, as we won't be liable in the same way in the event of a return.

  1. Send a parcel

Take the time to wrap your cards carefully in bubble wrap before placing them in a sturdy box, preferably metal, before sending them in a cardboard box. Please do not use envelopes except for small quantities of cards.

2. Send a letter

If you're sending a small quantity of valuable cards weighing no more than 100g, you can use the post office without too much risk in theory. However, we recommend that you take out Ad valorem insurance. 
For packaging, it is imperative to use a toploader and cut two pieces of cardboard a little larger to sandwich the toploader and with a few pieces of adhesive tape you can place it safely in a classic envelope or bubble and preferably in a sealed plastic pouch to avoid moisture.



Cards and items will be sold in our online store and on the various platforms where we are present.

Dêpot-vente commissions are highly dependent on a number of factors, and generally vary between 15 and 30%. Many factors are taken into account, such as price, item quality, immediate market demand, etc. Each commission can be calculated individually for each item, and deferred depending on a number of factors.

To collect your items, please contact us via our support and make the request, we'll guide you through the process of generating a carrier return slip.

No type of fee, tax or penalty is applicable in the event of withdrawal from the sale depot by the depositor of the items, unless explicitly mentioned in the sale depot contract.

We invite you to contact us directly on our support page, where we will ask you to fill in an excel file with information about your cards, and the minimum sales price.

We film every receipt of items at the depot-sale to justify the condition on receipt and handover to the customer. Each item is recorded in a police book in accordance with legislation. We charge VAT on commission only.

We're especially looking for items from the pokémon universe, both French and Japanese! Don't hesitate to ask us directly.

We are responsible from the moment the goods are received at our premises until they are returned to your home or delivered by hand. For obvious security reasons, we cannot make deliveries over a certain amount.