PSA dimming service


Send to PSA, please select the estimated value of your cards after grading to define the insurance and grading price.


What is the estimated waiting time for the return of my PSA cards?

  • The average waiting time announced by PSA is 65 working days for Regular and Value shipments, and 10 working days for Express shipments, but this may entail additional waiting time to assemble several express cards, or an additional cost.
  • For our part, we estimate that the range is still wider than the deadlines announced by PSA.

Why choose PSA to authenticate and appraise my cards?

  • PSA has been the market leader since 1991, with millions of graded cards produced every year, the company is recognized worldwide and appreciated by collectors.

How can I check on the progress of my order?

  • We will set up a tracking system on our website and inform you by e-mail of the progress of the order during the process.

Can I find out about ours before the reception?

  • Card grading is sent by e-mail by PSA at the time of grading. We can send you the grade in advance if you wish, free of charge.

How do I calculate the value of the insurance and the estimated value of the card?

  • The price you enter defines the insurance and the value of the card after gradation. If your card is worth a 10, you must enter an insurance value that corresponds, otherwise PSA reserves the right to increase the price of the gradation so that the insurance corresponds to the current market price, and therefore increase the price of the gradation for the customer in the event of error or underestimation of the card. We will check and contact you before sending your cards to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises.
  • We will get back to you as soon as PSA has graded your cards and invoiced you for the grading service.

How and where do I send my cards?

  • Once your order has been validated, we invite you to send your cards to a Mondial Relay point.
  • We use and ask you to use Mondial relay because, compared with other carriers, it is the only carrier with which we have had no problems to date. If you wish to send us your cards via another carrier or to hand-deliver them, please contact us.

Insurance :

  • We recommend that you insure your parcel before sending it, as the company's responsibility is only engaged upon receipt and opening of your parcel, after verification of the contents, which will automatically be filmed to avoid any disputes in the event of problems during transport until we have received your parcel, and for which we cannot be held responsible.
  • From the moment we receive your cards, we are responsible for the amount of the insurance corresponding to the order until we receive your Mondial Relay return parcel.
  • All shipments to and from PSA are insured. The price of the gradation includes all eventual costs such as insurance, customs, carrier etc...