How to sell your pokémon cards - 2023

How to sell Pokémon cards in 2023?


The world of Pokémon trading cards in particular has boomed in recent years.
Whether you're a long-time collector or a novice in this field, selling your precious cards can be both a lucrative and rewarding experience.

With the constant evolution of the Internet, several platforms
to help sellers find potential buyers.

In this article, we'll explore the main sales platforms as well as some alternative methods.

eBay :
Ebay is the platform of choice for selling your graded cards, with an international reach, you offer your card to a wide choice of buyers around the world once international delivery has been properly configured.

We invite you to use ebay regularly to get as close as possible to a realistic estimate of the price of your items thanks to successful sales. You can find more information in this blog post. 

Benefits : Known worldwide, this platform offers you unrivalled visibility. What's more, it has a rating system that reassures potential buyers.

Disadvantages :
Sales costs can be high, and
competition is fierce on prices, which have to come down.
Many disputes from unscrupulous buyers.

Cardmarket :

Cardmarket is Europe's leading trading card platform. Based in Germany, it has been the benchmark for trading card games for more than 10 years, acting as an intermediary to secure transactions between private individuals and professionals on their platform.

Advantages :
Specifically designed for trading cards, Cardmarket targets a more initiated audience of gamers, or a passionate, connoisseur public.
Quality support in the event of a dispute.
Advantageous to buy because of low price and low commission on sale.

Disadvantages :
Limited mainly to the European market, it
to remain competitive.

Alternative means :

Vinted : Advantages : Initially dedicated to fashion, Vinted has become a sales platform
for all types of objects, including Pokémon cards.

Disadvantages: Less specialized, you'll need
detail your ads to reach the right audience.

Facebook Community Groups :

Advantages: These groups bring together enthusiasts and can offer
sales opportunities without intermediaries, which means zero

Disadvantages: You need to be vigilant and make sure the
credibility of buyers. Transactions are often carried out by hand or
via direct payment systems.

Live sales via Voggt and others
platforms :

Benefits: The live format allows maps to be displayed in real time,
interact with buyers and create an auction atmosphere.

Disadvantages : Requires good preparation and equipment
and a certain ease of speaking.




Conclusion : Selling your Pokémon cards can be an exciting adventure, but it's important
it is essential to choose the right platform to optimize your profits and
guarantee a positive experience for your buyers. Weigh up the pros and cons
of each option, and don't hesitate to diversify your sales methods to
reach a wider audience. 

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