Discover the new Pokémon 151 series:


Discover the new Pokémon 151 series: A nostalgic journey into the Pokémon universe Welcome to the spellbinding world of Pokémon! While the Pokémon saga has continued to captivate fans around the world for decades, an exciting new series has emerged: Pokémon 151. This series, which pays tribute to the first generation of [...]

How to sell your pokémon cards - 2023

How to sell Pokémon cards in 2023? The world of Pokémon trading cards in particular has boomed in recent years. Whether you're a long-time collector or a novice in this field, selling your precious cards can be both a lucrative and rewarding experience. With the evolution of the [...]

How do I start a card collection?

If you're a fan of collectible card games (TCGs), you may have heard of Japanese editions, which are often highly prized by collectors worldwide. Japanese edition cards are renowned for their quality, rarity and unique aesthetics, making them highly collectible.

How to protect and store your collection?

Protecting your Pokémon collection: invaluable tips for preserving your treasures As a passionate Pokémon collector, your collection represents much more than just cards. It's a precious treasure filled with memories, magical moments and real gems. To ensure that your collection remains intact and preserved for years to come, [...]